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Swaasa Foundation is a non-profit volunteer organization committed to uplifting spirits and spreading smiles. We offer a variety of programs that provide families facing challenges such as illness, special needs, divorce, or loss the opportunity to meet, relax, and recharge.

General Question :

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities through education, support, and advocacy, fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society where everyone’s wellbeing is prioritized and social abnormalities are addressed.

  • Empower communities
  • Prioritize wellbeing
  • Foster inclusivity
  • Advocate for positive change

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Founder and Chair-Person

Dr(h.c) B. Anitha Jyothi, the esteemed Founder and Chairperson of Swaasa Foundation. A proficient psychologist and rehabilitation personnel with RCI certification (RCI No. B108094), she holds an MSc in Psychology and is a dedicated research scholar specialized in PGDGC and D Pharma.

Founder’s expertise spans transformative mental health initiatives, fostering inclusive communities, and advocating for awareness on social abnormalities. With a profound commitment to well-being, Dr. B. Anitha Jyothi leads the Swaasa Foundation with passion, empathy, and a vision for a brighter, more compassionate world where every individual’s mental health is nurtured and prioritize

  • Certified courses Diploma in Community Mental Health, Basics of Addiction Management in NIMHANS Digital Academy, Bangalore
  • Practicing as a Counselor in Manikanth Health Care Centre,Vjw
  • Diploma Special Education in VI.,RCI, New Delhi, Govt. of India Certified in PGDG
  • Government Regd-Career Counselor in NCS
  • Consultant Psychologist at Sri Manasa Psychiatric Nursing Home
  • Chief Psychologist in MVK,Nunna
  • Aerodrome Committee Member as a Consultant Psychologist in Airport, Gannavaram
  • Certified Covid Counsellor in Nimhans, Bangalore
  • Psy.Therapitical Trainer
  • Motivator,Life Skills certified trainer
  • Sub Editor in Mana Arogyam-Press
  • City President for APCPA,Vjw
  • Consultant Counsellor in Disha station, vjw
  • Consultant Government Counsellor in Educational department,NTR Dstr
  • Affiliated member in Americam Psychologists Association
  • National Executive Member in SEIF
  • Life time certified Member in CCI
  • Life time member in Red Cross SocietyRegistered Pharmacist

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